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Lov psov na diviaka Kone na pastve Sedliacký dvor na Záhorí Namestie v Hustupečiack Práčky vo Vlkolínci II
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Nad Vlkolíncom Jaro v Bratislave Myjava pred sútokom Hore dedinou (Vlkolínec) Spodné chalupy (Vlkolínec)
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Pod studňou (Vlkolínec) Jesenná panorama -Hustopeče Rybník vo Svodíne IV Rybník vo Svodíne III Premenlivé počasie (Vlkolínec)
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Svodínska kytica Chalupy nad zvonicou (Vlkolínec) Dvor nad zvonicou (Vlkolínec) Oprava drevenice (Vlkolínec) Vyšné Polianky
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V lone hôr (Vlkolínec) Pri stavidle (Vlkolínec) Kaštieľ v Rúbani Zima vo Vlkolinci Západné pobrežie Sumatry
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Rameno Moravy Panoráma Valtic II Zvonica vo Vyšných Poliankach Salzburg Včelín v Záhorí
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Jozef Chrena


Jozef Chrena, landscape painter and draughtsman, was born on March 10, 1948 in Moravsky Svaty Jan, Senica District.

He attended evening courses for non-professional painters in Myjava since 1963 until 1966. The courses were run by Jozef Vrabel who worked at Cultural Centre in Senica at that time.

He started painting at about 1974. He has been fully concentrated on his pleasure of painting since 1982. He organized 21 exhibitions on his own since 1984 until 1997 and he participated in 48 team exhibitions held in Slovakia as so as abroad. He pays attention to landscape painting especially of his native country Zahorie but also many other typical parts of Slovakia (Cicmany, Orava, Liptov, Vlkolinec, Povazsky Inovec). He has also been pa­inting abroad (Lower Austria, Southern Moravia).

Production of Jozef Chrena is based mainly on a rea­listic country draft often presented in a panoramatic view with a bright sunshine by impressive speckled brush-work. Later he started using palette knife. He has been less following portraits, genre-painting and still lifes. Except of painting he pays attention to landscape and fi­gurative drawing.

He was a member of a non-professional club Smery since 1988 until 1991. He joined Slovak artistic organization Artefakt in Bratislava from 1990 until 1994. Recently he has been a member of an Artistic Club of Cultural Centre since 1993. He has been cooperating with Austrian Artistic Club in Hohenau (Kunst Kreis Hohenau).





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